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Denetim, YMM
About This Project

DEMİRDAĞ DENETİM YMM LTD ŞTİ which founded in 2002 gives in-sworn CPA service, auditing and financial consulting services.The achievement of our clients shows our performance.

The main target of our principles is to satisfy our client’s expectations. This feature is one of the factors makes us different.

In the global business world, the companies which want to earn more with less sources faces big oppression at dealing with the unexpected changes in technology and business scopes.

Demirdag Denetim YMM not only audit the old financial tables but also study on the prudential financial issues which strongly help to the companies for challenge.

Our auditing system includes both Turkish legislation and international auditing standards.

Demirdag Denetim YMM’s shareholders,consultants and staff create a very well disciplined team studying regularly on the brand new rules and tax legislation changes. We have a detailed education system for the newly graduated staff who start to work with us. The only aim of our staff is to give the best service to the clients in the certain time schedule. One of our target is to be adapted into the everchanging business world innovatively.

Our customer portfolio includes private companies and corporate companies all together. We have been giving same quality services to all our small and big companies without any differentiate way. Today we give services to the companies in various scopes. Our good service helps to the clients make successful improvement in the challenging business world.